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Are you planning to purchase tyres Ipswich?

Then you should know the accurate tyre sizes for your vehicle. You can get unhindered performance, on-road safety and handling control by installing the right-sized tyres.

To know more about the tyre size, get in touch with the experts at CARS AND VANS SERVICING AND REPAIR. Our in-house team will help you understand the tyre size so that you can purchase an appropriate model for your car.

Moreover, you can opt for superior quality car tyres Ipswich from our inventory per your tyre size requirements.

Understanding tyre size

Tyre size is a set of alphanumeric codes embossed on a vehicle’s fuel cap hatch and tyre sidewall. To decode tyre size, let us take a reference size- 165/65R15 81T.

  • 165: 165 denotes the tyre’s width, expressed in millimetres.
  • 65: This is the aspect ratio of your tyre’s profile. Aspect ratio is the height of a tyre’s sidewall in the percentage of its width. Here, the tyre’s sidewall is 65% of 165cmm.
  • R: It signifies that this variant has radial construction.
  • 15: This is the wheel diameter in inches.
  • 81: ‘81’ denotes the load index- its carrying capacity. It varies from 60 to 129.
  • T: This is the given tyre’s speed rating showing the maximum speed it can run in fully-inflated condition. It ranges between A1 and Y.

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