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Tyre Labelling

It is mandatory to use EU-labelled tyres in the UK. If you are looking forward to buying new tyres Ipswich, you must be aware of all the latest EU tyre labelling rules that came into effect on 1st May 2021.

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Also, for the convenience of our clients, we have explained the current tyre labelling rules in a simplified way below.

New tyre labelling updates

Wet grip

According to the new updates, tyres will be rated from A to E for wet grip performance.

It indicates that models with an 'A' rating will have excellent braking performance on wet surfaces. Tyres with an 'E' rating will have reduced braking ability.

Noise emission

The noise emission rating of a tyre is marked A, B or C. A model with low noise will come with an 'A' grade, whereas one with a high noise emission level will have a 'B' rating.

Tyres with a 'C' rating are prohibited.

Fuel efficiency

Like the wet grip ratings, the fuel efficiency rating will range from A to E. The letter 'A' on the label would denote low rolling resistance and hence high fuel efficiency.

However, 'E' denotes the tyre with the lowest fuel efficiency.

Additional guidelines

Apart from the updates mentioned above, here are some of the additional inclusions on EU tyre labels:

  • A stalagmite symbol on Nordic winter tyre labels
  • A 3PMSF carving on tyres designed for optimal snow performance
  • A QR that will provide complete information and verification regarding the tyre model when you scan it

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