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The car suspension system helps absorb shocks, jerks and other effects caused while driving. It must function properly to offer a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

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Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your vehicle suspension system and provide the necessary replacements.

We guarantee efficient, prompt and cost-effective car services so you can get reliable on-road performance.

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Importance of a suspension system

The suspension system performs several critical responsibilities. Among them are:

  • It increases the friction between the automobile tyre and the road, allowing for better steering control.
  • The suspension springs support the vehicle's weight and help provide a comfortable driving experience.
  • When driving on uneven roads, the shock absorbers reduce the impact of violent jerks.

Signs of a faulty suspension

Some of the key symptoms of a failing car suspension system include:

Oily shock absorbers

Do you see any grease or oil on the shock absorbers of the suspension system?

It can be due to fluid leakage in the suspension system. Make sure to contact our facility for a professional check.

Uneven tyre wear

The weight of your car is appropriately distributed across the tyres thanks to a properly working suspension system. It helps the tyres to wear out naturally.

However, a faulty suspension system might result in uneven tread wear, which can impair the handling and performance of your car.

Vehicle drifting while taking a turn

If you notice your car drifting to one side while you try to turn, it may signify a damaged suspension system. A faulty coil spring could be the reason.

If you find any of these symptoms, visit us for professional suspension checks and services.

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To identify the root cause of the problem, experts at our workshop will first conduct a thorough inspection of various car suspension system components. Once over, they will offer a cost-effective solution to resolve the problems.

Please note that damaged Suspension Repair Ipswich parts are usually irreparable. Our experts conduct essential replacements with OE-grade parts for improved safety and dependable performance.

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