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Are You Looking for Summer Tyres Ipswich

Summers in the United Kingdom are hot and humid, with frequent rain. As a result, selecting a specific seasonal tyre suitable for driving on the heated tracks becomes critical. Summer tyres may be the best option when the temperature goes above 7°C.

CARS AND VANS SERVICING AND REPAIR houses superior summer tyres Ipswich from various reputed brands across all price ranges.

We are a trusted car workshop with a team of experienced technicians equipped with the most advanced tools and state-of-the-art technologies to resolve any vehicle-related issues.

We are online too!

You can purchase summer tyres Ipswich online with just a few clicks. You need to enter your car registration number or the tyre size details in the tyre selection tool on our website.

A virtual tyre catalogue will appear on your screen from where you can purchase the model that suits your budget and car’s requirements.

Tyre brands we retail

You can buy summer tyres Ipswich from best-selling premium, mid and budget brands at our workshop, which includes:

You can access all the top-rated summer car tyres Ipswich from these brands in our workshop at amazingly competitive rates. Some examples include:

  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  • Continental SportContactTM 6
  • Pirelli P ZERO ROSSO etc.

Why opt for summer tyres?

Selecting a suitable tyre for the season is critical to ensure optimal vehicle performance and on-road safety.

Summer tyres have particular characteristics that make them suited for hot weather:

Hard rubber compound

Summer tyres use a hard rubber compound. The natural rubber content of the carcass material of summer tyre models is lower.

This tread compound lowers the heat build-up and keeps the tyre from getting soft, ensuring maximum durability and stability.

Shallow tread depth with unique tread bars

The summer tyre features a shallow tread depth. It optimises the tyre road contact area and offers uncompromised traction on dry roads.

In addition, the summer tyres include unique tread bars. These bars evacuate water from the tyre surface and provide a brilliant aquaplaning resistance.

So, end your ‘summer tyres near me’ searches and get in touch with us.

Visit us if you need suggestions regarding which summer tyres will be best for your car. Our team will provide the required assistance to help you get a suitable model.

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