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Screenwash and Wiper Blades

A clear windscreen enhances visibility while driving your car, ensuring safety and driving comfort. Hence, a functional wiper blade and routine screen wash are essential to keep the car’s windscreen clean from dust, snow, rain, frost, etc.

Moreover, the functionality of these components also ensures a VT20 certificate during your car’s MOT assessment.

If you are looking for a screenwash and wiper blades replacement Ipswich, visit CARS AND VANS SERVICING AND REPAIR.

Our technicians run a thorough inspection and replace the wiper blades, if needed, at an affordable price.

Considering the following conditions, we offer wiper blade replacement Ipswich:

When do you need a fuel system check-up?

On noticing any of the following issues in your car, reach CARS AND VANS SERVICING AND REPAIR for immediate fuel system checks and cleaning Ipswich:

  • Water traces on the windscreen after the wiper sweep
  • Scratching noises and shakes on the windshield
  • Compromised visibility while driving your car

How do we conduct screen wash and wiper blade replacement?

  • Topping up the windscreen washer system with top-grade screen wash solutions
  • Windscreen washer pump inspection for an optimal transfer of the washer fluid from the reservoir to the nozzle
  • Replacing the wiper blades and other components with OE-grade spares in case of excessive wear

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