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Run flat Tyres

Do you want to avoid getting stranded due to a flat tyre?

Well, you should consider run-flat tyres. The run-flat models allow you to continue driving even with a puncture and offer a safe car handling experience.

Are you looking for a reliable garage that retails run-flat tyres Ipswich?


We are a reliable automobile servicing facility and an authorised retailer of car tyres. We bring you an assortment of run-flat tyres at the best prices across multiple sizes for different vehicle models.

Further, we cater to a large customer base with our premium, mid-range and budget units from internationally recognised brands, like:

  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Hankook
  • Pirelli
  • Bridgestone
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear, etc.

Buy tyres online!

Using the tyre finder tool, you can now buy run-flat tyres Ipswich from the comfort of home. Just provide the vehicle registration number and browse our collection to book your desired run-flat tyres.

We will assist you in choosing the right fit for run-flat tyres after understanding your budget and requirements.

Types of run-flat tyres we retail

Run-flat tyres come designed with two technologies, which are:

Self-supporting system

These are one of the most commonly used RFTs. They have stiffer sidewall than regular tyres.

The stiff sidewall allows the tyres to hold the car’s weight even after air loss. So, you can drive you a nearby facility safely and have the tyre replaced.

Support ring system

They have an internal support ring of specialised rubber, which lets the tyre hold the weight of the occupants after a blowout instead of falling from the rim. It reduces the chances of any safety-related issues.

Note: You can drive on a run-flat tyre up to a specific distance at a particular speed.

Points to note while purchasing RFTs

  • Ensure your car has the TPMS before opting for a run-flat model.
  • Repairing punctured RFTs can be dangerous. So, replace the RFT after it has suffered a puncture.
  • You should not mix and match RFTs with seasonal models as this can affect your car handling and engine performance.

So, wait no more!

For more details on run-flats, feel free to talk to our experts on 07462 487516 or 07462 487516

You can also drop by our facility at Unit 16 Olympus Close Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP1 5LJ.

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