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Major Service

Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle in good shape and reduces the possibility of a breakdown. It contributes to a more comfortable driving experience for longer while also enhancing the car's resale value.

CARS AND VANS SERVICING AND REPAIR offers comprehensive major servicing Ipswich for all major car makes. They use modern tools and machinery that further enhance their precision and efficiency.

When should you opt for a Major car service?

Car owners should opt for Major car service every 24 months or 24,000 miles (whichever would be early).

It can, however, depend on your vehicle model and driving style.

What comprises our Major car service?

Our Major car service Ipswich includes all the inspections in Full and Interim service. It involves a complete evaluation of your car, from seat belt operation to the exhaust system, brake pipes and suspension springs.

In addition, we will change the engine oil, oil filter, engine air filter, pollen filter, and spark plugs (where required). Our team will make the necessary checks, find the underlying issues and then offer solutions after consulting with you.

Here are the checks covered under our Major car servicing:

1.Engine inspection

  • Radiator condition checks
  • Alternator belt inspection
  • Timing belt check
  • Coolant/radiator cap seals check
  • Inspection of spark plugs and more

2.Steering and suspension check

  • Inspection of wheel bearings
  • Steering column checks
  • Steering rack gaiters checks
  • Shock absorbers springs, struts inspection etc.

3.Exhaust inspection

  • Tailpipes check
  • Inspection of emission
  • Inspection of the oxygen sensor
  • A detailed check of the catalytic converter and other exhaust components

4.Brakes and drive system inspection

  • Detailed check of clutch operation
  • Inspection of drive shaft gaiters
  • Gearbox fluid check and top-up
  • Brake pad inspection
  • Examination of the master wheel cylinder
  • Hydraulic brake system check

Besides this, our Major car servicing Ipswich also covers:

  • Complete General Body Check
  • Tyre and tread depth check
  • Car fluid check and many more

So, quit looking for ‘major service near me’ and come to us.

You can contact us on 07462 487516 or drive to our facility at Unit 16 Olympus Close Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP1 5LJ.

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