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Fuel System Checks and Cleaning

Does your car engine overheat often?

It may indicate that your car’s fuel system is malfunctioning and needs cleaning. Being a crucial component, even minor faults in the fuel system may impact the engine performance and compromise your driving experience. Therefore, opt for a routine fuel system inspection to facilitate optimum vehicle performance.

When do you need a fuel system check-up?

On noticing any of the following issues in your car, reach CARS AND VANS SERVICING AND REPAIR for immediate fuel system checks and cleaning Ipswich:

  • Disrupting or rough starting
  • Low engine responsiveness
  • Crackling engine noise
  • Diminished acceleration
  • Dead engine, etc.

How do we conduct fuel system checks and cleaning?

Our automobile experts inspect the fuel system and clean them in the following steps:

  • 1.Cleaning the injectors
  • 2.Removing the fuel varnish
  • 3.Cleaning the varnish and the valves
  • 4.Changing the fuel filter
  • 5.Refilling the fuel additive

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