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Are you looking for top-quality car tyres Ipswich?


We are a reliable vehicle workshop stocking a vast range of tyres for every major vehicle make and model. Our inventory comprises top-quality tyres from premium, mid-range and budget brands across multiple rim sizes. So, purchase tyres per your budget requirements and driving style.

What’s more?

Our in-house specialists will help you make an informed decision regarding car tyres Ipswich. They also carry out strict quality checks on every tyre we retail.

Note: Place an online order for tyres through the tyre finder tool on our website. Provide the tyre size and pick a suitable model from the virtual collection.

Tyre brands

Here are some of the best-selling brands you can expect in our facility:

  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Hankook and more

Categories of car tyres available with us

We retail car tyres Ipswich from the following categories:

Summer tyres

Summer car tyre variants come made using a hard rubber compound. These tyres do not go soft while driving on heated tracks. They also exhibit lower tread wear, reducing the risks of a tyre blowout. Additionally, such tyres come with shallow tread depth offering maximum tyre-road contact and unmatched traction on wet and dry roads.

Winter tyres

The silica-infused soft rubber compounds of these tyres are ideal for winter conditions. Their innovative carcass material prevents the tyre from getting stiff during low temperatures. Additionally, they come with deeper tread depth and numerous grooves that enhance biting grip and unmatched aquaplaning resistance on snow-covered tracks.

All-season tyres

Such tyres feature an all-adaptive, superior rubber compound with a moderate tread depth. These tyres have an optimised sipe density for optimum vehicle control throughout the year under moderate temperature conditions.

Performance tyres

Premium tyres feature a premium carcass material that reduces extreme build-up when the tyres roll at high speed. Thus, it decreases the risks of a blowout. Further, these tyres have a low aspect ratio ensuring outstanding cornering precision and responsiveness while driving at high speeds.

4x4 tyres

Ideal for SUVs, 4x4 variants come with robust construction and reinforced sidewalls. Thanks to this engineering, 4x4 tyres offer maximum stability and control in off-road and on-road conditions and can effectively sustain your SUV’s chassis weight. You can choose from the variants of 4x4, namely, highway terrain, mud terrain and all-terrain.


Installing run-flat tyres allows you to drive safely and comfortably for a certain distance with a flat tyre. They come with a unique construction where the tyres’ sidewalls have additional layers of rubber or a support ring system. Due to this construction, the tyre does not fall out of the rim even after a sudden blowout.

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