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A malfunctioning braking system can severely affect your on-road safety. Furthermore, it can also lead to MOT failure.

Opt for a routine car brake inspection from CARS AND VANS SERVICING AND REPAIR to avoid such issues.

We are a reputable car service station in and around Ipswich, providing various essential auto services, including brake replacement Ipswich.

Our highly trained technicians use advanced tools, equipment and OE-grade spares for efficient servicing.

Contact us for professional brake servicing Ipswich at affordable rates now!

Common causes of brake failure

Ideally, a car's braking system's average life span is between 25,000 and 60,000 miles. However, this may vary with your car model and driving habits.

So, opt for a routine brake repairing service Ipswich to make sure the braking system is in proper condition.

The following is a list of common causes of a faltering brake system:

Worn brake pads

With frequent and forceful braking, brake pads wear out quickly and may need replacement. Excessive or rough use can also cause the brake pads to overheat, making them too hard or brittle to use.

Leaking brake fluid

The hydraulic fluid transfers the force produced on the brake pedal to the discs.

Any holes or cracks in the braking system might lead to leakage, resulting in ineffective braking.

Damaged brake booster

A brake booster works with the master cylinder, Using a vacuum or hydraulic pump to boost the pedal's force.

If this component stops working, applying the brake pedal will need more energy to bring the car to a stop.

Damaged rotor discs

A damaged rotor disc reduces the life of the brake pads and increases the braking distance. Bring your vehicle to us for a complete brake servicing Ipswich. Our team provide the necessary solutions.

Common warning signs of damaged brakes

  • Cars take a long time to stop
  • Odd vibrations on the brake pedal
  • Less resistance on the brake pedal

Some other signs of malfunctioning brakes include illuminating brake warning lights, cars drifting in one direction while braking, etc.

Why choose us?

Our experts will thoroughly inspect all components of your car's braking system, which includes:

  • Discs
  • Rotors
  • Callipers
  • Brake pads and more

They will find out the main issue and replace the damaged components with OE-grade spares.

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